Books, books, books!

I’ve been hard at work the last couple of days building (my) Dara Kent’s website. Finally, everything seems in order … well, except for the whole book thing. Since I’ve published 23 romance novels under the name D.T. Dyllin since 2012, it feels kind of weird to be sitting here with no books to post on this website. Not yet at least. So that’s the next step … I need to get to writing! And let me tell you, I’m super pumped to be stepping outside of my romance comfort zone to expand my horizons creatively.

Side note: You may be wondering what to call me, D.T. or Dara, if you meet me in person at some point, especially if you knew me as D.T. Dyllin first. Dara is your best bet. My legal name is Dara, which is why I decided to keep it with my pseudonym. Less confusion on my part, plus it’s kind of nice to have the option of actually being called by my real name once in awhile. Ever since I published as D.T. Dyllin hardly anyone uses my real name anymore. I’ve missed it. Growing up, since Dara was a rare name at the time, I was simply Dara. No last name was ever needed. Until I got to college and my roommate was also a Dara. But that’s a story for another day. The point is … the D in D.T. stands for Dara, so that’s my name. But I will also answer to D.T. since a lot of my guy friends have been using that nickname for way longer than I’ve been a published author. *sigh* But then again … fine … either one. I’m both D.T. and Dara by way of the writerly world and in my every day life. Guess it’s kind of fitting that I have two author names now. 😉

That’s about it for now. I’m off to write lots of books, books, books!!!!! Therefore, be on the lookout for news about my first title to be published under Dara Kent coming at you soon!

Ps … I’ve got up all the follow stuff for this website so please, you know, follow me! Just keep scrolling down to the footer and all the options will be there. Thank you! ❤

Until next time …

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