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Umm … I forgot?!

There is a long list of things an author shouldn’t do, most of them centering around social media interaction and reviews, etc.

But what about when an author forgets about their own book’s release date? Impossible, you might think. And up until today, I would have agreed.  

You see, yesterday was Nightmare Thief’s release date, book birthday, or whatever you want to call it. Thankfully, it still went live thanks to pre-order, but yeah, I forgot. Kind of. What I mean by that is, well, ummm … I knew Nightmare Thief was scheduled for release April 6th, but I lost track of the days, months really. I thought I had more time to make teasers and to promote. In fact, It seemed like I had a lot of time left before release day.

The next thing I knew, it’s the day after said release date, and it passed without notice from me. *screams*

How? How did this happen? The truth is, I’m not sure. Yes, I’ve had a ton of personal shit going down in my life in the past few weeks. A lot. Because of these things I’ve been depressed, angsty, and a whole bunch of not-fun things. But I’ve managed to keep writing my next books without issue. Of course, writing is an escape, and social media interactions seem oppressive on the best days, so maybe my brain purposely blocked out release day. *shrugs* I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. I’m here now.

Sooo …

Nightmare Thief is LIVE!!! 

(In both ebook & paperback.)

And here are the links:

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Audiobook information will be posted as soon as I have it.

Ummm … I think that’s about it for now. Unless, I forgot something else. Ugh.

Until next time …

Nightmare Thief Cover Reveal & Pre-order

Here it is, the cover for Nightmare Thief !!!

(All this cover awesomeness was done by Lindsay Tiry of LT Arts.)

And the blurb:

If you do bad things for a good reason … are you still a villain?

Remy Novem is the not so ambivalent caretaker of the dreamscape Somniare, the place where all creatures go to dream. Her job is to keep the barriers strong between worlds, so nightmares stay where they belong, and no one ends up dead or worse. Her magic feeds off of terror, sweetened by the little bit of torture she enjoys doling out to unsuspecting dreamers. Nocturnal suffering in exchange for safety, not a bad deal as far as Remy is concerned. But not everyone is pleased with the current status quo.

When a mystery foe starts springing nightmares from Somniare, causing havoc in all the worlds, Remy will find out exactly how wrong she was about … everything.

And the pre-order buttons:

8443b7_4fddac7b0b504c038bdaef1fe2435e7e  ibooks-black  kobo-icon-black-white  barnes-and-noble-icon

The ebook edition of Nightmare Thief is on pre-order sale for $0.99.

Audiobook information will be posted as soon as I have it.

Ummm … I think that’s about it for now. This post was to reveal the cover and the cover is revealed. 😉

Until next time …

Virtual Hugs

Some of you might be surprised to know that I’m not an affectionate person. I don’t enjoy hugs, and I don’t like people to be within what I deem to be my personal bubble. Sure, there are some exceptions, like my hubby, but over all, I’m happy to exist at a pleasant social distance. (Yeah, this social distance thing during plague times hasn’t been a hardship on me. heh.)

Why am I mentioning this on my website? Because even though I’m not affectionate, and an introvert, I still have mad love for people. I’m just shit at showing it most of the time. I’m honestly baffled when people have told me that I don’t appreciate them or how they don’t think I care. Meanwhile I’m over here like: Did you not see the hug gif I sent? Or the three heart emojis??? The fact that I acknowledge you at all means I care!!! It’s like you don’t know me at all!!!

Sooo … yeah, with all that being said, I’m going to come to the point of this post.

I would like to take the opportunity to hand out some virtual hugs to some people on my booky team who I consider invaluable. Yes, they get credit on the copyright page, and they get lots of heart emojis from me, but most people don’t read copyright pages, and  private messages are just that … private. This is my version of PDA for these peeps.

Let’s start start with my cover artist, and designer of all things pretty. Lindsay Tiry of LT Arts not only does all my covers, but she designs graphics for me. Anything from the Dara Kent logo to the interior graphics for my print books, she is my go to gal for when I need any graphic design help with … anything.

Next there is Ren Reidy. Ren not only proofreads my books, but she helps me with font choices, and promo ideas, and … Ren helps me with everything. I’m not so sure my books would exist without her, seriously.

And last but not least, there is Melissa Ringsted of There for You Editing. Melissa who, as I’m sure you already guessed, edits my books. But she is so much more. She gives me the confidence to publish my books when I hit that annoying author insecurity wall. Which happens more than I’d like to admit. Some of my books wouldn’t have been published if not for her, such as The Eclipsed.

Okay, so my quick round-up of what these ladies do for me can’t even begin to express my love and appreciation for them. They are all badass ladies who I’m lucky and proud to know. I just want them to know how much I love and appreciate them. Even if, when I meet them in person, I give them an awkward wave from a few feet away, or if I can’t avoid a hug, I might run away afterwards.

And to anyone else you gets heart emojis via text or post. Yeah, I love and appreciate you, too. (Like all of Team Magical Mayhem aka Dragon Hussies, and my readers etc.)

Mmm … well, I guess that’s it for now. My drive by PDA has come to a conclusion.

Until next time …

I love you gif



The Eclipsed is LIVE!!!

Today is the day.

Today is the day


goes LIVE!!!

And shit am I nervous. Even though this is the 25th full-length novel under my belt, it’s the first released under my new pen name Dara Kent. And it’s also my first non-romance novel. This release honestly feels like my first all over again. I want people to read my book, but I also don’t want people to read my book. I just … yeah, I think I might puke. Ugh.

I suppose this is where I should post the buy links. I almost forgot. Probably because a part of me, like I mentioned above, doesn’t want anyone to actually read this book. But I also don’t want people to not read this book. Mmm Hmm … I am a neurotic mess with all of this. I know, I know, it’s pretty obvious.

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Ummm … Yep, again, that’s it for now. I think I might go hide under a rock for a bit.

Until next time …

I heart you gif

The Eclipsed Cover Reveal & Pre-order

Here it is, the cover for The Eclipsed, the first novel by Dara Kent.




(All this cover awesomeness was done by Lindsay Tiry of LT Arts.)

And the blurb:

Eighty-nine is just a number …

A nameless immortal tasked with ensuring fixed points in time. Without fail she’s always done her job, protecting reality.

But Eighty-nine’s world is flipped upside down when a jarring discovery, followed by a loss, causes her to question everything.

With the help of an unlikely ally, Eighty-nine will embark on a journey that will end with one simple choice: To save reality or let it be ripped apart forever.

Maybe it isn’t so simple after all.

And the Pre-order buttons:

8443b7_4fddac7b0b504c038bdaef1fe2435e7e  ibooks-black  kobo-icon-black-white  barnes-and-noble-icon  audible

Although, not all the pre-orders have gone live yet. I will update as they do. The ebook & print will both be released on May 12th, so a short few weeks away. The audio book is still in the works so I don’t have a date for that yet. It is coming though.

Ummm …

I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time …

I heart you gif