Halfway Wicked


*An Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novel*

Book One


Wildes on the Hunt trilogy.


Twice marked. Once by Heaven, once by Hell …

Riss Wilde, and her sister Lily, were forced into the demon-fighting arena at a young age. After nearly a decade of hunting the denizens of Hell to determine the fate of their souls, they found stability, of sorts, with a home base in Nashville, Tennessee.

When a fellow hunter turns up dead, secrets are revealed that send all the players in the game scrambling. Now, Riss and Lily not only have to contend with demons, but with the possibility that everything they’ve been fighting for is a lie.

Left with nothing but bad choices, Riss will do what’s she’s always done, protect those she loves at all costs. Hopefully, she doesn’t bring on the Apocalypse in the process.

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